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Our Story

Growing up in 1970s New York, few options for holistic pain relief products were available to purchase at the corner store. Long before the e-commerce explosion that we are currently experiencing, most consumers were stuck with few alternatives to prescription medication. When I was a child, my Uncle Dave, a man who tried to bring a smile to everyone he met, unexpectedly became very ill. After testing, he was sadly diagnosed with having contracted the HIV Virus. This disease soon took a turn for the worst, when it transformed into AIDS. Due to this disease, he suffered from immense physical pain throughout his daily life. The quality of life my Uncle began experiencing was one of misery and struggle. My Father, determined to help his brother with his physical pain, started experimenting with essential oils and holistic medicine alternatives, and their effects on the human body. Through this experimentation, there were many things my father learned. The most important of which is that a synergistic combination of certain essential oils can have an anti-inflammatory and pain-relief effect on the body. Unpredictably, my father had discovered a way to provide my Uncle with some of the control over the pain that he lost to his disease. Sadly, my Uncle Dave lost his battle to this illness, however, because of my father’s formula, the quality of his life and spirit remained intact until the end of his days.

Gratefully, my father’s formula was passed down to me, and that is the essential oil blend we have decided to share with the world. REO Releaf uses only the highest quality of Essential Oils. We use first press, cold press oils. The synergistic combination of these essential oils leads to a therapeutic benefit. From minor aches and pains to severe Arthritis, REO Releaf has been used to promote relief in all of its users. My family is forever grateful for the many years of research and testing my father committed to this formula. I can only imagine how proud he would be to know how many lives he has changed. To think, had he not had the desire to help one person, we would not be able to help so many today. Thank you for choosing REO Releaf and may it bring the same comfort to you that it has brought to so many others.

-Lawrence Rogers, CEO and Founder, REO RELEAF LLC.

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